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MINIX Technology Limited

Add accent LED's to add something special to any setup!

$25.99 $69.96

If you have an Outdoor TV, you need a good cover! Even with weather resistant TVs, its good to keep direct sunlight away from a unit that is not in use.

Custom Wraps

Finally a low cost universal remote! DIY or pay us for programming in your TV model, this is a long awaited solution.

Inteset Technologies

Equipment getting hot or overheating? Add some cooling!

Capitol Sales Company

Lower your internet bill with Time Warner Spectrum by buying your own internet modem. This will save you up to $15 every month.

ARRIS Solutions, Inc.

These headphones are perfect for any couple with different sleep schedules. Watch TV in bed in surround sound without waking your spouse.

Too low to display

IR Repeater kits are great for hiding the equipment nearby.

$26.99 $39.98

Having trouble hearing the dialog on the TV? This soundbar addresses that exact issue so many people experience.


Running out of cloud storage? Lets add a whole lot more!

Western Digital Bare Drives

DIY Projector paint will turn any wall into a theater screen!

Paint On Screen

Prevent HDMI's from popping loose and falling out with locking HDMI cables.

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Perfect Path

Smaller Cellular booster system for home or office.


This outdoor theater screen sets up in minutes.


Add these under your theater chairs to kick some butt!


Did you know you can save $10 per box per- month with Time Warner/Spectrum by adding Roku Players in replacement of cable boxes and returning your leased cable boxes to either Duval or South First and Stassney lane TW/Spectrum.  


Roku, Inc.

Sonos is great right? So add another room to your system with a Play3.





Need more bass? Add a Sonos amplified sub and want no more!




Ever wonder what the kids or pets are doing while your away from the home? Add a nest cam and find out!

Nest Cam

Control your new smart home with the amazon echo dot!


Never miss a phone call in the shower again. This bluetooth shower head plays music and extends your phones capabilities into the shower.

$39.95 $199.99
Spa Living

When one large plug covers 3 outlets on a power strip, this product offers a solution.

$19.99 $29.99
Etekcity Corporation

This is our favorite high end blu-ray disc player with apps.


Bedside charging at its finest

$34.99 $59.99

Looking to add one more pre-wire room for sound DIY style? These are the number 1 DIY in ceiling speaker pair.

Polk Audio

Everyone needs a longer charger so make your red so you know which one is yours.

$14.99 $49.99

Do you use your phone as a internet source? Add a cellular booster and get faster internet and better call stability.

Wilson Electronics

2017 Best Wi-Fi Router so far according to PCmag.com

ASUS Computer International Direct

Pull wire like a pro with a magnetic cable puller.


FireTV is a great way to make any TV a smart TV


Ever notice all smoke detectors run out of batteries at 3am? Use nest smokes and stop that nonsense at once.

Nest Labs

If you work out, you need these headphones. period.

$38.97 $169.99

Switch sources faster with an HDMI switcher with an Optical audio extractor.



Looking to give your speakers more power? Add a whole home audio amplifier.


Emotiva Audio Corporation


Sometime we need to conceal wires under a desk or by a wall. This kit will help clean things up.




Wire covering to make the clutter disappear.



Low cost reliable network switch


Is your home or business ever too hot or too cold? Add a smart thermostat and stop chasing your comfort levels.

Nest Labs

These Wi-Fi cameras make it easy to get notified when someone is on your property!

Nest Labs

Control lights and music from your watch! 


Outdoor Home Theater Projector and all in one media player makes setting up a outdoor home theater easier than ever!



Running out of USB charging spots?

$24.99 $39.99

Use an SPL meter to adjust each channel of your receiver manually.

BAFX Products®

Looking for a higher end Sonos solution? Add 2 Play5's and create a perfect listening environment for almost any average sized room.


This router is great for apple lovers to grow the size of their network, room by room.

Apple Computer

Answer your door from anywhere in the world.


Amazon Echo is making home control even more fun.


Add a TV in the kitchen with a wireless HDMI kit.


Every power strip should have this many USB charging ports!

$25.99 $57.99

AA Batteries in Bulk!


AAA Batteries in Bulk!


iPad mini charging case - Requires base sold separate

Dana Innovations - PC

Charging b


Looking to cancel your cable bill? Add an off-air antenna and pick up your closest local channels for free.

$21.99 $31.99
Leadsign Automotive Electronics

Move power up behind your mounted TV without the need for an electrician.

PowerBridge Solutions



Add a cover to your IR's so they don't keep falling off your equipment.


Smarthome Technologies

Best Stud finder Ever.

Franklin Sensors Inc.

Getting FREE OTA TV from your whole house antenna? Add a DVR and watch on any Roku


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