Motorized Shades & Blinds


Window coverings can reduce energy loss through the windows, lower heating and cooling bills, and improve home comfort. About 30% of a home's heating energy is lost through windows. In cooling seasons, about 76% of sunlight that falls on standard double-pane windows enters to become heat.

Most types of window treatments will result in energy savings, but the exact savings will depend on the type of attachment, the season, the climate, and how the attachment is used.

In addition to the window treatments discussed below, storm style windows with low-e coatings are effective at improving thermal performance of windows and reducing solar heat gain.

Shade Automation and Integration

Today motorized shades offer a broad range of controls and interfaces that makes it easier than ever to integrate motorized shading with third-party control systems regardless of technology or brand. We have solutions to fit all project needs, regardless of shade specifications, power or technology requirements.


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