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top 6 reasons to add a smart video doorbell
to your home.

1) Increase Your Security

Eliminate front door fears, worries and stress. A smart doorbell is essentially a microphone, speaker, night vision video camera, motion detector and lock or gate controller all-in-one product. This allows the home owner to keep an eye and ear on the front door of their home while they are inside the home, away at work or on vacation.

2) Protect Your Packages/deliveries

More Americans are doing their shopping online, which made up 9% of all retail sales in the United States as of September 2018 according to the Department of Commerce. But those packages, so often left out in the open upon delivery, are just too enticing to thieves. Adding a smart video doorbell allows the home owner to keep tabs on deliveries and get them inside faster than ever before possible.

*Low quality camera solutions will give you a
low chance of catching package pirates.

3) Add Convenience/Ease of self Monitoring

Smart doorbell systems are easy to view or access from anywhere in the world that has a cell phone signal or an internet connection. This will give the home owner a convenience and peace-of-mind that has never been achieved before with a single device.

4) Save Money Every Month/Record Data Yourself

The Doorbird doorbell is one of the only smart doorbell systems that can save the home owner money by avoiding monthly recording fees. You can use a NVR (networked video recorder) that works the same way as a cable box DVR for recording front door events with no added monthly monitoring fees. Just add an additional recording device and you become the monitoring company that is only restricted by the devices hardware size. if you want to record longer than 2 weeks in a row, no problem, just add a larger hard drive to your NVR recording device and extend the amount for time your doorbell records audio and video.

5) Add Elegance/Quality

The German made, stainless steel smart video doorbell by Doorbird stands out as the best looking & highest quality smart doorbell on the market today. Commonly purchased Ring or Nest Plastic smart doorbells are just waiting to deteriorate and break in the extreme temperatures of the Austin Texas heat. Why would you spend the time and money adding a smart home video doorbell if its just going to fall apart due to over exposure to our Texas sunlight?

6) Integrate with other smart home products

In order to make smart home devices communicate and work together with each other, they need to have an open or partially open API (Application Programming Interface). It’s no fun when you are limited to specific products that only work with a limited number of preferred partners due to a closed API. You can tell when this is happening when you see certain badges displayed on a product. An example with this is when you see a badge that starts with the term “Works with”. Common examples are “Works with Nest”, “Works with Google Home”, “Works with Alexa”, or “Works with Homekit” to name a few. If the API were truly open, they would not need this badge and would only need to specify the connection type. An example of connection types are Z-Wave, Zigbee or WiFi to name a few. Best practices to avoid confusion on compatibility are to work with a home technology integrator who has knowledge of device integration and automation protocols. In the long run this will save you time and money.

 It’s important to know

If your home is not properly wired for a smart home video doorbell, You may need to upgrade your wireless network range if your smart doorbell is too far from your network hot-spot.

Smart Video Doorbells paired with Access Control Technology Makes Life Easier.