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What Smart Home Products and Services Do You Think We Should Be Installing?

Home owners have great ideas, and we'd like to hear yours.

The smart home industry has multiplied with the help of home builders and homeowners, recommending new technologies that they want to be added to their homes. At Smarter Homes of Austin, we not only call ourselves integrators, but we are also innovators, listening to our customer's ideas and bringing them to life. We also think that we come up with some great ideas too, now and then. That's innovation at it's best.

in the beginning

We started seeing a surge in home automation in the early 1900s when half the homes in the U.S. were using electricity. That's when things really began to happen. Before electric power, many items in the house ran on gas, gas lights, gas stove, and even gas refrigerators. Electricity revolutionized the home and many inventors like Frank Shailor, with his D-12 toaster.

More Americans were on the move with the popularity of the automobile. That being said, people wanted their homes to become just as convenient as traveling. The late 40's to our modern-day home technology has thrived, and in the digital age, we've seen an explosion in demand for home technology, and we dubbed it, the smart home.

The new era

Smart home technology rang in a new era, an era that would bring control of the home, outside of the house with the use of intelligent devices and apps that allowed remote access to the home's capabilities. Home security, lighting, heating, and many other smart home features, could be controlled from anywhere in the world with network access.

There is a fast turnaround in any technology, so we stay on top of our game by staying informed about new smart home products and services. We also create new technology and roll it out only after we've tried it in our own homes. Again, many ideas come from our customers. We strive to go above and beyond their highest expectations to deliver their requests.

Our Design Center

In 2018 we opened a design center in Lakeway, Texas, that also houses our marketing department. We also encourage customers to stop in so that we can show them lighting ideas, window treatments, discuss security features, and get an idea of what they want to customize in their homes. There are examples of homes that we have available for review, videos of our processes, and always someone to talk to. It is a relaxing place to sit and plan. We want you to feel at home in our home. Coffee and water are always available, and we have a knowledgeable team that can help you with any part of your idea or planning.

Our Partners

This year we have partnered with local companies such as Scout Lighting, Granite Security, and Deco Window Fashions, businesses that have products and services that work well with our installations. There's nothing like one-stop shopping when it comes to having all you need under one roof. It's never a problem for us to schedule an appointment to bring the whole team in for a conference on your smart home project. We've chosen only the best companies to work with that have the high-end products and services to fit our customer's discriminate tastes. We'll help you with uncertain decisions with up-to-date information. These are companies that we've worked with before, and we trust them to uphold the same standards as we do. If we didn't highly recommend them, we wouldn't use them ourselves.

Do some pre-planning

If you want to build a list of recommendations for your home, we suggest going online and searching for smart home ideas. Steer away from do-it-yourself websites. Their information is geared more to really tech-savvy people. Always hire an installer to keep from getting headaches or installing a system that doesn't work because it wasn't correctly installed. Later it will cost you more money to have someone come and fix the mistakes. Hiring a professional comes with guarantees and the opportunity to learn more about the systems being installed in your home.

Sharing your plan

After you've thought about everything you want to put into your smart home, our owner, Peter Sandford and or our design manager will schedule a visit to drop by for a walkthrough of your home or new build project to determine where everything needs to go for the installment. It also gives us a chance to become better acquainted and talk about the custom automation that you suggest for your home.

Submitting the floor plan

After we've done our walkthrough, we'll have you send a floor plan of your house to our design manager, who will, in return, draw up the smart plans and send them back to you with a proposal. Please keep in mind that custom automation may take slightly longer time wise so that our designer and engineer can work together to create your custom component. If there are no custom components, we recommend that you start with a secure method of getting a quote by using our create a budget tool.

Down the road suggestions

What if down the road you think of something that you'd like to add to your smart home? We're still here to help you decide what your best course of action is in implementing whatever the component may be. We are professionals at retrofitting homes to fit new technologies. The planning process is the same yet more straightforward only because we're dealing with one upgrade and not a whole install, in most cases.

Our retrofit is the best in the business. We do a professional job, and after our clean up, you wouldn't be able to tell that we were there.

The Smart Home Future

The future of the smart home relies on you. As we said earlier, most of the smart-home components created were once a customer's idea and are why you are an essential part of our business. Remember, there are no bad ideas, just some need embellishment. We've made a lot of friends in the industry and with our customers only by sharing useful information with each other. We believe this is why our industry thrives. Everything we create together is a win-win situation for all. We encourage you to keep those suggestions coming.