Smarter Homes Top five Benefits of Why you should include smart Locks into your smart home experience.

1) Smart locks & Security

When it comes to smart home security, smart locks have brought about a new level of home safety. When you include smart locks into your smart home design, you are guaranteeing yourself peace of mind by knowing when your doors are locked or unlocked. If you forget your house keys or lose them, you panic. That isn’t a problem if you have smart locks. Unlock doors automatically when your are in close proximity and re-lock them again when you are out of range. Use your smart device or phone to unlock doors remotely. Keep track of home traffic, and schedule the times that automatically lock your door. Now you can limit the copy of keys handed out and control your door as you see fit.

2) Protecting mail and deliveries

The bad guys are taking advantage of homes without security. According to Sell Central, 11 million parcels are stolen from doorsteps every year. With smart locks installed by Smarter Homes, you can unlock the front door or delivery bin for deliveries left when you’re not home. With the aide of your video doorbell, unlock doors for delivery drivers with packages by remotely unlocking and automatically re-locking the door or enclosure. Ensure your deliveries are safe from theft, anytime, anywhere.

3) friends and family access while you’re away

Give unexpected friends or family access to your home when you’re away. Everyone has experienced an unscheduled guest at one time or another. Smart homes with smart locks allow you to grant access by unlock the doors for them when you’re away. You can assign permanent or temporary codes for frequent guests. Smart locks are also a great idea for roommates and vacation guest homes.
You are always updated and in control of your home security.

4) Styles and options

Smart locks come in all different shapes and sizes with a broad selection of features. The most discriminating tastes will find everything from features to decor matching and at Smarter Homes, we install them all. With automated locks being one of the very first of smart home automation features, you can unlock a variety of looks, types, and even feels when choosing the locks for your home. Take the deadbolt to a whole new level that looks like a standard key lock but can open with just a touch from the finger of anyone that the lock has been programmed to recognize. Maybe a faceless lock is more your taste, hidden within the door and only operational by the proximity of your household. For a more updated look, the installation of a digital keypad fits right in with your modern look. At Smarter Homes, we’ll help you find the smart lock system that exhumes style and functionality.

5) Bringing it together with integration

We’re thinking ahead and ensuring that you’re educated about how your smart lock system works and its capabilities. At Smarter Homes, when we’re designing a smart home system we’re thinking of how everything connects to the brain of the smart home. This includes the smart locking devices throughout the home. Our smarter integrators tap into the very latest smart technologies staying in line with the style and functions of the locking devices that you’ve chosen. Some brands of smart locks aren’t always compatible in that they have closed API’s (Application Programming Interface), which is self contained and not able to communicate with other devices or the smart home hub. However, a solution can always be found by exploring different smart lock brands to find similar styles that have open API’s and can talk to any system.

Smart Lock Systems Integrated into your smart home technology
make automated home security its safest