Whole House Audio

What are the different Types of whole House Music Systems?


Wireless Music systems

Today’s wireless systems are popular for good reasons.

  • Installation and setup takes less time.

  • They don’t have to involve a bulky and complicated home theater receiver.

  • You can easily carry a wireless speaker from one room to the next.

  • And you can take the entire system with you when you move.

Hybrid Music Systems

A system in which wireless components, such as the Sonos Connect Amplifier, feeds the music to in-wall or ceiling speakers.

In such a system, you enjoy the convenience of a smartphone remote control app. But the hardware is hidden in a utility room or equipment closet.

A common misconception about the Sonos wireless system is that you must have Sonos hardware in every room. And that notion can be a deal-killer if ceiling speakers are all you can get away with in the dining room and the formal living room. Fortunately, it’s not the case.

Wired Music systems

Wireless systems are terrific, but most people find a wired system with simplified controls easier to live with.

Installation of a wired system can be daunting for a do-it-yourselfer. Most people will require the services of an low voltage or audio video installer. 

70-volt Distributed Music systems

Wired systems are also good for commercial or outdoor applications, such as a beer garden or a coffee shop. A traditional stereo system is good in a very small office or shop, where there are only a few sets of speakers.

In a commercial building or outdoor setting, a 70-volt system is usually the best solution. There are several reasons why:

  • One amp can drive many speakers with a simple wiring scheme.

  • You use lighter, less expensive speaker wire and much less wire overall.

  • Easy system expansion — just add more speakers to an existing chain.

So... what's the Next step?

Feeling slightly overwhelmed by too many choices? Here's how to sort it all out:

  • Jot down some notes about which rooms you want music in. What kind of sound and what kind of speakers you want in each one.

  • Think about whether you want to simultaneously play different music in different rooms.

  • Consider whether you want to use a wireless device such as a smartphone or tablet as your system controller.

20_MLS_2626 Collingwood Final.jpg



How Many Areas Do You want to Listen to Different Things at the Same Time (or All at Once)? This number, will be your number of Zone Players.


(2 Zones)- Indoor and Outdoor


What are the total number of Speakers for Each Zone?



5 Rooms inside (2 speakers in each room) = 10 Speakers

2 Pairs Speakers Outside on 2 Different Patios = 4 Speakers


TOTAL = 7 pairs or 14 Individual Speakers

Whole House Hybrid Music System would include 2 Sonos Connect music players feeding a single RTi AD8 (8 room) Amplifier and being controlled by the SONOS mobile App.