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Home Theater Media Rooms


So many things have changed...

Its incredible how much the world of Home Entertainment and Theaters have changed this year. Equipment is getting more affordable than ever which means these products will reach a new consumer market that never existed before.

This Custom Built -9 Seat, High-End Theater Room shown above (first photo) Starts at $15,000.00 but can reach up to  $35,000.00 (Turn Key)

The Custom Mounted 65 Inch LG 8000 series TV with a SONOS 5.1 Home Entertainment package (second photo) is around $7,000.00 (Turn Key)

We are now in a world where quality is improving and costs are lowering, making technology more reliable and affordable than ever! 

Much like Whole House Audio, a high-end home theater is an entertainment feature that was previously thought to be accessible only to the very wealthy. However, advances in technology have made the home theater and luxury media room more affordable than ever before. With our varied home theater and media room setups, having a dedicated entertainment room to spend time with the family in or to entertain friends can now be a reality.

Home Theater Media Rooms

The home theater is truly the stuff of dreams for many of us. A true theater experience in our own homes is arguably the pinnacle of home entertainment – but with price tags of more than $50,000 and even into six figures, it simply was not a viable option for the majority of homeowners. Today, we are able to create a theater for your home for a fraction of that cost. With features like multi-tiered seating, projection screens, and commercial grade surround sound, you’ll never have to visit the cinema again.

Media Rooms

It’s not always necessary to have a purpose-built theater in your home. A well-designed media room can provide the stunning visuals and enveloping sound you desire for considerably less. In fact, we have a custom 65” LG TV and SONOS 5.1 surround sound home entertainment package that costs thousands less than many of today's high-end TVs – including installation!

Custom Designed Home Theaters and Media Rooms

For the best in high quality yet surprisingly affordable custom designed media rooms and home theaters, Austin relies on Smarter Homes. Contact us today to speak with our experienced designers and technicians, who will help you find the perfect systems for your needs and your budget.