It Was The New Millennium…


and our dear old friend Ebenezer was rich and lonely. He worked day in and day out at his firm. He lived in a miserly looking row house that was four stories tall and it loomed over the street a chiseled shadow.His lovely intended, Belle, would come every day toiling to help Ebenezer’s maid tidy up the place because doing everything by hand was just too much for one person to do.

In the evening, Ebenezer and Belle had not much more to do than sit by a wood burning fireplace and chat about the work they’d done that day. After dinner, Ebenezer would call an Uber ride for her and watch it drive away until it turned a far corner, out of view. Ebenezer thought to himself, if only his house was more lively and not so old fashion Belle might want to stay longer. Yet, it was hopeless because he’d just gotten to comfortable with the way things are. Why change and cause a humbug.


As Ebenezer made his way into the house he heard a posthumous humorous laugh. It was the familiar laugh of his old friend Jacob a former TV repairman, who had passed seven years earlier. What a humbug that was. Ebenezer slowly climbed the staircase that led to his bedroom, wondering if the laughter he had was indigestion from and undercooked potato from supper. As he sat down to remove his shoes to find the comfort of his slippers, the bedroom door flew open and there stood the ghostly figure of Jacob the TV repairmen.

Jacob warned Ebenezer that he was going to be visited by three spirits overnight, and that they would help him get out of the slump that he’d been in for so long. Jacob put his arm around Ebenezer as though they were old school chums and told him to take heed of what the spirits had to say. Jacob told him to expect all three, one right after the other beginning at midnight. Ebenezer looked at Jacob and asked him why all of the old junk was hanging off of him. Jacob replied that it was because he wasn’t willing to stay up to date with the times. He was just as stuck in a slump as Ebenezer is now. Jacob warned him that Ebenezers chain was twice as long with more junk like punch card computers, a telegraph pole, and an old boiler unit. Ebenezer jumped into bed and frightened, he pulled sheet up just under his nose.

At midnight the clock chimed and as Jacob said , the first spirit arrived. It introduced itself as the ghost of smart homes past. It mentioned old radio controlled garage door openers, VHF/UHF TV antennas, old clicker tv remotes , dialing phones and many other things. It showed Ebenezer visions from the past like a phone booth that uses coins, cameras that use film, and wood burning stoves. Ebenezer remembered it all and realized that he hadn’t changed much at all over the years. In an instant he was back in his bed.

The Ghost of Christmas Present.jpg

Before Ebenezer could get comfortable, the Ghost of Christmas Present showed up. He said for Ebenezer to take ahold of his robe and help him get into the Lyft that he scheduled for both of them. The Ghost of Christmas Present and Ebenezer were dropped of at the smart home model of Smarter Homes of Austin for a tour. Ebenezer was amazed at everything being displayed. The spirit showed him how to automate his energy, use lighting controls, automation controls for the house such as the lawn sprinkler system, hot tub, spa and outdoor kitchen. Ebenezer learned more about music zone and how to control everything remotely on his smart device or digital phone.There was even more to see with automated window blinds, and voice command .He thought that retrofitting his home to be a smart home would definitely liven things up back at the old row house, and before he could finish the thought, he was right back in his bed.


Soon after, the Spirit of Christmas yet to come showed up and he didn’t say anything. All he could do was point to visions of Christmas smart homes of the future. Ebenezer could see hovering homes, and teleportation devices. You name it, it was automated. Then the spirit pointed to a lot filled with building rubble and a huge sign that read, “Progress Stands Still For No One.” Ebenezer noticed the block of brownstone that had his name ad the address inscribed. He cried out for the spirit to take him back and that he would have a complete smart home system installed by Smarter Homes of Austin. He made a plea that he would keep a maintenance plan for his smart home every day of the year. He’d have a home theater installed, all the lighting automated, utilities managed, and state of the art smart home security to give plenty of warning the next time an uppity ghost comes snooping around. The spirit was gone and Ebenezer was in his bed once again.

Belle arrived Christmas morning to find Ebenezer dancing about and giddy as a school boy. He told Belle about his visit from Jacob and the three spirits and how they showed him to transform the drab old row house into a full service Smart Home. Everything would be automated. With that he and Belle dialed the old phone to reach Smarter Homes of Austin. It was Christmas after all so nobody was there, but in his message he excitedly asked for a call back to talk about installing everything we had. Belle would hang around more often and the maid could complete all of her work because everything, even the laundry was automate. Ebenezer lived happily with Belle in their retrofit smart home for a very long time.

Ebenezer called Smarter Homes of Austin at (512) 775-6101 and you should too before you get a visit from the spirits of the Christmas Smart Homes.

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