I was in downtown Austin last week with an empty stomach and some time to kill before a concert, so I dropped by a Cuban food truck. Unsure of what to order, I asked the man behind the register what he would recommend. He motioned for me to wait a moment, pulled out his phone and had me speak into Google Translate. Our conversation proceeded this way, chatting back and forth with ease by the aid of a smart device.

I was incredibly inspired by this exchange. It left me thinking- there is truly no barrier that technology cannot breach in this day and age. Technology eliminates excuses of separation, inconvenience and impossibility.

Just as his cell phone became a Babelfish for the two of us, so too can your home assist in communication with guests and laborers. With a google assistant, you can converse in 22 languages and translate over 30. You can even create a bilingual home that responds to the commands of 2 different languages.

So, no matter the occasion, bringing cultures together in your home can be less about confusion and more about communication with the assistance of Voice Command and Google.

Sarah Yoakley | Content & Marketing

Smarter Homes