Get the popcorn ready and chill the drinks, it’s family movie night and a home automation system is the perfect host. So here is how we lay out this scenario.

Dad has got his RTI remote that controls everything in and around the house. He’s sitting on the couch searching movie titles for family movie night. Mom is setting out drinks and munchies on the counter. Mom looks at Dad who is still feverishly trying to find just the right movie for everyone and says to him that she thinks that room is a little too warm for everyone. To avoid wrestling with Dad for the remote control, she steps into the hall and brings up the home automation app on a wall mounted Ipad. She simply chooses the comfort settings and with the slide of her finger, brings the temperature down in the family room.


Mom and Dad have four children a teenage girl, a teenage boy, a nine-year-old son, and a two-year-old baby girl. The baby is already asleep and both teenagers are in their rooms chatting away on their phones. The boy is in his room playing an intense video game on his laptop. Meanwhile, Dad has found the perfect movie for everyone but has called the children twice for movie night but hasn’t gotten a response. Dad picks up his trusty RTI remote control and uses the zoned wifi grounding feature to cut the internet off to their rooms and phones. Before you know it, three sets of feet scramble downstairs to let Dad know that the wifi is out. Mom reminds them that it is movie night and all phones and internet were shutting down at seven o’clock for the occasion.


Everyone settles to watch the movie as dad has picked out a good scary one. Ten minutes into the movie the doorbell rings. Mom looks at her iPhone and sees that it’s the pizza delivery that she secretly ordered earlier. She recognizes the face of their regular delivery person from the HD camera on the doorbell. She’s able to communicate with the delivery person through the intercom on the doorbell to find out how much she owes. The pizza is on its way to the family room and Mom stops by the iPad to lock the door again with the touch security system.

Everyone including Dad is excited because they can smell the surprise on the way. Mom enters the room, Dad pauses the movie, and everyone grabs a slice. Everyone has settled again and Dad resumes the movie. Dad praises the hidden sound system that was installed with the smart home installation as he turns it up as they continue to watch. Mom and Dad have successfully pulled off a family movie night with a little help from their smart home system.


You know, we’ve heard people complain about technology causing drift within the family. At Smarter Homes of Austin, we thought it would be nice to blog a story about the use of technology in bringing the family together.

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