Any Austinite will tell you that the only thing more consistent than traffic here in the capital city is crazy weather. One minute it’s freezing cold and windy as all get out and the next, the sun is shining and you’re shedding your layers in utter confusion.

Abrupt weather changes may keep life interesting but they sure aren’t doing your energy bill any favors. Whether you’re constantly changing the thermostat and paying the price each month or suffering through whatever the weather brings for the sake of environmental impact, there is a Smarter way.


Smarter Homes installations use all low-voltage wiring. That means that all the way from production to installation, we are minimizing emissions and going as green as we can. On top of that, we can equip you with energy monitoring capabilities so that you can begin to understand what’s draining energy, when, and how. This puts you in control because it gives the power of knowledge.

We also install smart thermostats. With a smart HVAC system, you can program and schedule your home’s temperature in a way that makes sense - fit to the season and time of day. Why leave it running when no one is home or the weather is perfect? No need. If the weather has a total mood swing, as she is want to do, you can change your home’s settings conveniently from your mobile device. That means even if you aren’t home, you’re still in control.

Plus - heat up your jacuzzi, manage irrigation, open the gate, and unlock doors for guests remotely from your device, whether you’re home or not!

Don’t let Texas weather have the upper hand; OutSMART it with Smarter Homes.