Home Automation with Distributed Video - Installing Distributed video in your home allows you to share a single centralized source across multiple televisions, no matter where those displays are located within the smart home.

Centralized home automation equipment & Video distribution Installation


Smarter Home of Austin brings power, performance and reliability together to deliver the best entertainment over one, robust platform.

Fill one room or every room with your favorite high-definition content. From watching the latest 4K movies to streaming high-resolution music, you can enjoy limitless entertainment with a single remote or create an unrivaled home theater experience. It’s simple, clean and clutter-free entertainment—right at your fingertips. A Home Automation System With Distributed Video Shares A Single Centralized Source Across Multiple Televisions And Rooms With Ceiling Speakers, No Matter Where Those Displays And Speakers Are Located Within The Home.

Home Video Distribution Shares A Single Centralized Source, Such As A Blu-Ray Player Or AppleTV, Across Multiple Televisions, No Matter Where Those Displays Are Located Within The Home. Say Goodbye To Bulky Cable Boxes At Each TV Inside The Room. You Can Have Any Source Connect To Any TV In The Home And Control Them All From Your IPad Control System.

Do you want to centralize your video sources (Cable TV, Apple TV, Roku, Blu-ray player, etc.) in one location and have them viewable on all TV's? This is called “video distribution” and reduces the amount of audio/video equipment located at each TV location / room.


4x2 HDMI Switcher:

4x4 HDMI Matrix

8x8: HDBASE-T Matrix


16X16 HDMI Matrix

Simplify your entertainment experience in any room of the house.

With a single remote, control all of your favorite entertainment— the Blu-ray player, satellite, streaming video services, and even your own music library or streaming audio. But this remote does more than just control your entertainment. Add a smart thermostat and smart lights for a more immersive experience.

Smarter Homes is a forward thinking smart home integration company Simplifying home technology in Austin Texas.