Energy Monitoring - Smarter Homes installs a Energy Monitoring System that identifies your home energy use and gives you a real time read out of the wattage and monthly consumption. Our system communicates directly with your homes electrical service panel, giving you reliable data while you are at home or away.

Home Automation with Energy Monitoring

take Control with z wave energy monitoring

When researching energy monitoring solutions for your home, it’s easy to find different types of systems that are available. You can start with an energy monitoring plug or energy monitoring outlet to see the energy consumption that is being used by a specific device. We recommend using z wave energy monitoring devices within your home automation system to reduce the number of additional devices that are sitting on your homes wifi network.

Upgrade Your Home with a Custom Residential Energy Management System

What if your home could make you more comfortable, save you money, and help the environment all at the same time? It's possible with a home energy management system. A good home energy management system can help make your smart home dynamic and efficient while optimizing your energy usage. If you have solar panels or some other type of power generation a home energy management system can also help optimize how your home uses that power.

A home energy management system is made up of two types of components; hardware and software. You may already have some of the hardware in place in your home such as climate control, automated lighting, motorized shades, and smart outlets. What really makes the difference in an energy management system is the ability to analyze the energy data. Energy management lets all your hardware and smart devices work together as efficiently as possible. From your home energy management hub you can monitor your devices, turn them on and off, and adjust your home automation. Set schedules yourself or let your system figure out what works best for you and your home.

At Smarter Homes of Austin, we’ve serviced the greater Austin Texas areas for more than 14 years and continue to provide the best home automation and audio video solutions and services. We can help you set up the best home energy management system for your home. The first step is letting us know what you need.

Learn Where your energy costs come from

Smart home automation systems installed with energy meters provide a real time reading of your home energy use. As you adjust lighting and air conditioning, the home owner can see how that affects the total number of watt the home consumes as it happens.

Shortcut home automation buttons can be added to the programming to send the home into an “energy saving scene” where it adjusts air conditioning to cool the home less frequently and dim lighting, as well as drop motorized shades to stop outside UV light from heating up the home.

pairing Energy Monitoring with smart thermostats

before and after automation energy

become aware of your energy use

Controlling your thermostat is easier than ever with Smarter Homes. Set your home temperature to a schedule for maximum efficiency and convenience, control remotely, enable occupancy sensing and more.

Many of us are not aware of how our day to day actions impact our homes energy use. We leave lights on and window coverings open at random and in turn our air condoning systems have to work harder to keep our home in a state of comfort. until now, these factors were a mystery in determining the value of our wasted energy use. Put a stop to energy waste with home energy monitoring paired with home control and automation.

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