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What Questions Should I Ask?

How do I know who offers Internet, TV and Phone services at a specific address?

Easy, Do some homework by entering the address of your home into these sites:


What does it mean when a property listing description says a homes is “Wired”?

What is it wired for and what can it do? 

This is when you should call a Low Voltage Integrator who offers a free in home “room by room” audit of what the home has been wire for. Call (512) 775-6101 -(Choose Option 1)

Can a home technology wiring audit help me when buying or selling sell a home?

YES! Technology Details are important and Austin is a "Tech Town".

This has become more important in the past years because many families living here do work from their home or need to see what the home is doing while they are away or out of town.


What are the benefits of a home that is wired for technology and what does it mean when it is not wired at all?

  • Future Proofing

  • Keyless Entry and monitoring of kids access to home after school lets out

  • Monitoring and Management of content and websites children visit

  • Peace of mind from having a home secured with a hardline security system with monitoring

  • Garage door status feedback (did we leave the garage door open?)

  • Pool, Rain collection, water usage and Solar Data feedback when your not home

  • Lighting Status Feedback and Control (did we leave the lights on?)

  • Wi-Fi systems that do not need to be rebooted

  • Managed Hardwired devices fail less and last longer

  • If everything is wired you can turn off wifi at night while you sleep and lower effects of EMF

 If a home is not wired…

You are forced to go with less stable wireless solutions. Every device on wifi slows down other devices on wifi. Also keep in mind that standard routers provided by the service companies only allow a home to host 30 wifi devices at a time (on average) and these products can be very easily hacked through WPS.


Isn’t everything wireless now?

No. Wireless systems using mesh technology often FAIL and need to be rebooted often to resolve “handshake issues”.

More wireless means more EMF in your home and around your families. Smart Homes done right will have lower levels of EMF in the home. (I could talk for days about EMF so call Pete directly if this is a concern)


How far can WiFi reach?

  • Wirelessly repeated Mesh Wifi - Not Far (Max 1000 stable square feet with limited number of connected devices)

  • Hard Wired Extended Wi-Fi can cover Austins largest homes and even reach across miles on a ranch property using fiber technology.


Whats the difference between AT&T, Spectrum, Grande and Google fiber?

  • AT&T has great landline phones, Whole home DVR and Non fiber homes have slower network speeds

  • Spectrum has basic IP phones, NO Whole home DVR, Live TV app for Roku and FAST network speeds

  • Grande Has basic IP phones but no long distance built in, TIVO Whole Home DVR and FAST network speeds

  • Google Fiber has basic IP phones, Just OK TV and DVR and FAST network speeds

  • DirecTV has no stand alone phone service at all, Highest 4K HD picture quality, Whole Home DVR and they do not offer network services directly (Now owned by AT&T so they can fill in the gaps) *Downside- DirecTV over satellite has issues during heavy rain storms.


How can I “Cut the Cord” and save on TV services?

  • Over the air HD Antennas are affordable
    and get FREE live TV for Fox, NBC, CBS, PBS1, PBS2, PBS3, GRIT & ION.

  • Add a ROKU streaming player and get access to Netflix, HULU, XUMO, Amazon and many other great Apps


Attention Real Estate Agents

Times have changed and its important to know what is happening at each home individually. Lets schedule a Lunch and Learn to add more tools to your agents toolbox with the help of Smarter Homes and our FREE home technology audit. 

Want to learn more about wires vs. wireless?
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