Austin Home Theater - A Luxury Home Theater should be designed, installed and calibrated to reproduce a commercial grade Movie Theater experience at home.

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Calibration & Maintenance Company

In the ever changing world of audio video and home theater products, making educated buying decisions can often be difficult, and the choices can be overwhelming. We are here to help you navigate through the world of home electronics.

At Smarter Homes of Austin, we are in the education business and we want our clients to make informed decisions. With many years of hands on experience and attention to detail, Completely Custom will design spectacular audio/video and home theater systems that are easy to operate and bring enjoyment to your home.

It’s high time to relax back and watch your favorite movie with your family or friends at home. Forget fighting with long congested Austin Texas traffic just for a movie and some family time. It’s time to install a custom home theater for your family, friends and yourself.  Experience the fun and atmosphere of high quality movies and TV at home by installing the perfect in home solutions.

From traditional component speakers, to on-wall and in-wall and in-ceiling options, to sound bar systems and more, find the perfect home theater setup for the look and feel you deserve to live with.

Common Home Theater Solutions

  • Home Theater Automation

  • Home Media

  • Lighting Control

  • Motorized Window Treatments

  • Acoustic Treatments

  • High Performance Audio

Do you have a dedicated home theater or Media room?

Budget for the Theater Room thats right for you

From entry level Sonos surround sound installations to high end performance theater rooms, Smarter Homes of Austin has the perfect solution for your luxury home.

Are you looking to create a truly spectacular cinematic experience in your home? Smarter Homes can build a dedicated home theater system in which the environment is precisely designed and engineered to maximize your enjoyment. Simply kick back in your plush, motorized theater seat, throw in your favorite movie, start the popcorn maker and hit play. Before you know it, you’ll be immersed in vivid sights and sounds – experiencing the movies instead of just watching them—all in the comfort of your own home.


before you design or install a home theater system in your Austin home

Before designing or installing your home theater, it’s best to browse the different types of home theaters available in the market and explore the different range and qualities which is best suitable for your design and room. Different home theater types produce different levels of sound and picture quality.

Apart from systems and their technical aspects, a few more factors should be considered before you select your home theater design like your budget, requirement for the home theater (to watch movies, play games, watch games) etc. and the most importantly… room size and number of audience to be seated.

The Entry Level Home Theater

Basic home theater installation packages are typically designed and installed with a 4-6 seat viewing capacity and a 100" - 120" screen. Installation of basic ceiling speaker surround sound with a floor standing subwoofer, $10K video projector, and an AV receiver-based audio amplification system.

The Enhanced
home Theater

Enhanced home theater installation packages are typically designed and installed with a 6-8 seat viewing capacity and a 120" - 140" projection screen, a brighter, higher performance projector, and a higher quality sound system.

The Performance
home theater

The performance home theater installation package is typically designed and installed with an 8-16 seat viewing capacity with a 12' - 15' wide screen, high performance projector, and THX theater-quality sound system.

The High-Performance Home Theater

The high-performance home theater installation package is typically designed and installed with an 8-20 seat viewing capacity with a 12' - 20' ultra wide screen, reference-grade video projector, reference-quality sound system, and acoustic design.

The Ultra-High Performance Theater

The ultra-high performance theater room installation is typically designed and installed to spare no expense with the very best equipment available and includes acoustic design and room design.

home theater design & Consulting

Professional home theater design gives you an extra ordinary experience of watching movies, playing games and spending quality time with your family and friends under one roof. Make your theater room even more comfortable by installing custom theater seating to compliment your room design.

Tune in with precision audio and video taking everything you watch to unprecedented levels. And hear what obsession sounds like with a Smarter Homes of Austin home theater system.

Surround sound configuration options


in-ceiling 5.1 Surround Sound

Smarter Homes of Austin’s basic 5.1 home theater installation packages with recessed in ceiling speakers.


In wall & in ceiling
5.1 surround sound

Smarter Homes of Austin’s 5.1 home theater installation packages with recessed in ceiling and in wall speakers.


Floor & wall mounted 7.1

surround sound

Smarter Homes of Austin’s enhanced 7.1 home theater installation packages with floor standing and on wall speakers.


floor & wall mounted 11.2 surround sound

Smarter Homes of Austin’s performance 11.2 home theater installation packages with floor standing and on wall speakers.

Are you unsure how to get started with your home theater? Perhaps you can’t decide on the best type and placement of speakers. Maybe you need help in other areas of home theater solutions. Contact Smarter Homes of Austin to speak with a local HTA certified home theater provider.

Smarter Homes is a smart home integration company Simplifying home theater installations in Austin Texas.