Smart Home - In-wall and hidden speakers provide you with professional quality sound while remaining virtually invisible after professional installation

Invisible Speakers - Sound Quality - Installation

Do you want higher quality sound from your music and TV but get frustrated with how big and
bulky speakers look?

These in-wall speakers provide you with professional quality sound, but are placed virtually unnoticeably in the walls of your room. These speakers provide clear, high def sound and will open up space on your walls to improve the look of your room. When design is the focus, this is the best way to incorporate High Quality Audio into your space.


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Austin Home Audio Speaker Installation

Deciding on speaker style types when upgrading

It’s a common concern – you’re interested in upgrading to a quality Whole House Audio System or a top-of-the-line Home Theater/Media Room, but aren’t sold on the addition of multiple bulky speakers, which will take up precious wall or floor space. You’d prefer to have the flow of your beautifully stuccoed ceilings interrupted by ceiling speaker grilles – and as an audiophile, you still require speakers that provide full frequency sound. There is a solution for all this – the installation of ‘invisible speakers.’ No, these aren’t simply disguised as decorations – they are truly invisible, built into your very walls!

How Do Invisible speakers work?

To install invisible speakers, you will not need a massive construction job to fit a conventional speaker enclosure into your wall. At Smarter Homes, we use special purpose-built speakers that use revolutionary technology to allow the generation of Full Frequency Sound using low profile speakers on a flat panel. This flat panel replaces a small section of drywall, plasterboard or other building material. They are mounted on the outer wall material itself and do not require mounting on stud work or additional special framing.

But How invisible speakers sound They Sound?

Under the assumption that these speakers are traditional speakers mounted behind a wall, many assume the sound must be muffled and sub-par. This is simply not the case, however. They are designed to work with their specially-made covering material and create what is often Superior Sound, which avoids hot spots and creates widely dispersed, full-frequency sound throughout the room.

Invisible Speaker installation Experts - Austin TX

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