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The Main Benefits of Smart Home Lighting Automation

Increase Security

There are a number of ways lighting can be utilized to increase a home’s safety and security. Motion sensors can be installed inside and outside to prevent trip and falls as well as deter crime with vacation mode presets that allow homeowners to make their property look occupied when they are away.

Add Convenience

Having full control over a home’s lighting means it’s not necessary to be in the same room to turn a light switch on or off. With remote access, commands can be given from anywhere inside the home or even from another location through a mobile device.

Enhance Beauty

Dimming capabilities also give homeowners the power to create the perfect ambience in a room or throughout the whole house. This goes a long way in enhancing the comfort of a living space and setting the tone for a social gathering or a relaxing evening in.

Save Energy

Energy savings are considerable with a lighting control system. They can be programmed to turn lights off automatically when a room is no longer occupied to ensure electricity isn’t being wasted. In addition, they can be integrated with automated window shades for even more efficient energy usage. The result is a smaller carbon footprint and reduction in energy expenses.

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Lighting Control Should be Seamless.

If lighting control is hard to operate, your doing it all wrong.

Lighting control should make life more convenient and enjoyable with the push of a button.

Before the home is built

Before the home is built, the options are endless when it comes to lighting and control/automation. For this reason, we suggest having your interior designer and lighting designer work with our team to insure every step is taken to make certain your lighting system is integrated into the homes main “brain” achieving its maximum potential.

after the home is built

After the home is built we have less options but its important to realize that we can not reduce the number of gangs in your home. if your home currently has 78 light switches, our only option would be to swap them out for a smart light switch that will allow us to integrate lighting functions with other smart home features.