Pre-Wire planning

When your building a home in Austin, It is very important to hire a low voltage specialist.

Plan for
future Fiber

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Unlike most cities, Austin Texas is a "High Speed" network city and we need to prepare for this during construction if we want to take advantages of these speeds.


think about Upgrades

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Think ahead by FIRST adding a conduit run from the DMARK or service location to an attic area you can reach after the home is built. THEN add a second conduit from that same attic to your Structured wiring panel.


start with   real wifi

 Austin Whole Home WiFi Installation

So many smart devices need strong WiFi signals to operate and update properly. We recommend adding a Cat6 network wire to all rooms that you want great performance in. Large homes depend on every room being wired for WiFi.

Building a house is expensive and we understand the urge to cut back on the little things like low voltage. BUT... Adding an additional single wire during pre-construction costs $50. So why not add that extra wifi access point to a room you think may become an office someday? It's a no brainer.

What home Technology features
do you want to run wires for?

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