Smart Home Irrigation - A smart irrigation optimizes your in-ground irrigation sprinkler system by auto-adjusting to weather and soil conditions, making a healthy landscape smarter and easier to manage while conserving overall water usage.

Smart Irrigation installation with Home automation.

Water Smarter and reduce water consumption in your Austin Texas smart home.

Decrease water use in your Austin home and remotely monitor and control zones from your Android or iOS phone using Wifi or Ethernet Connectivity. Smart sprinklers and irrigation controllers can simplify home lawn and garden care, and reduce water consumption.

Instead of fixed timers, these systems draw on data from sensors, weather forecasts and plant-care databases to determine watering needs and deliver just enough moisture at just the right time. Lower your water bill, and check up on your plants from anywhere in the world using mobile and web apps.

Home Automation With a wireless smart irrigation controller is like having a meteorologist as your gardener. It optimizes your in-ground irrigation system by auto-adjusting to weather and soil conditions, maintaining a healthy landscape and conserving overall water usage. Conservation begins with the simplicity of pushing the irrigation App Control Button.

Monitor and manage watering with Home Automation.

  • Tailor watering to your yard with customized zone details.

  • Weather intelligence Plus: Pinpoints weather based on data from your specific location, then adjusts schedules accordingly.

  • Equipped to expand monitoring and precision with the Wireless Flow Meter.

  • Suspend Schedules with Home Automation Tasks like
    “Backyard Party Mode” so watering is delayed till backyard entertaining has ended.

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Home automation installed with rachio smart irrigation

Rachio smart irrigation is the perfect addition to your Austin home automation installation.

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Austin Homes deserve Smart Irrigation

Irrigation systems that can become compliant with your local watering restrictions at the touch of a button are long awaited by Austin homeowners

Smart irrigation will be the new favorite feature of your smart home automation system.