A smart home automation remote allows the user to control every aspect of your smart home on either a global or room by room basis.

Smart Home Automation Remote Controls

A Smart Home Automation Remote gives you one-touch control of the entire smart home ecosystem. Either on a whole home or room to room basis. Control Your Lighting, turn on the fireplace, relax to the awesome sound of your home audio as easy as searching for a TV channel.

A home automation remote control is the trigger point of a smart home automation system. It allows you to navigate and control just about any feature of a smart home including audio video, security, heating and air, lighting, entertainment and other smart home features with simplified convenience.


Single room Remote: The T1B+ Smart Home Remote Control

Location: Any room with a TV
The T1B+ Remote control is designed to be included in every area that has a television present. We can create on/off shortcuts for your favorite apps, lighting, fans, music channels and even your fireplace.

Multi-room Remote: The T3X Smart Home Remote Control

Location: “Parent Remote”
The T3X Remote adds infinite additional options to your standard home automation remote. The homeowner can now watch live camera feeds, see who is at the front door, unlock the door, adjust lighting throughout multiple areas, adjust thermostats, open/close garage doors, adjust music, raise/lower motorized window coverings and monitor energy from one easy to use interface.

This is NOT your basic TV watching remote control.

Multi-Room Control Surface: The CX10 Smart Home (Tabletop)

Location: Master Bedside, Kitchen and Theater Room
The CX10 tabletop smart home control surface can do everything a T3X remote can do. It adds easier functionality with its 10 inch sized touchscreen to make navigation of your smart home even easier. Another option would be to use an iPad for this type of control but an iPad will usually go missing due to children playing gamers or leave the home on a travel trip to be used as a source of entertainment. Sometimes a remote needs to stay a remote.

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