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Treat your home like a business

Austin's finest bars, restaurants, hotels, condo buildings, conference rooms and sports arenas all have one thing they need to never fail. There AV system is the life blood that flows through their business as there money is being made.


Sports Bars Simplified

We suggest running your next high number display bar off of our multi-zone AV system that allows for total control of every TVs channel in using an iPad or smart device. Also we can attach TVOn and TVOff commands to your security system status. (Alarm armed = All TVs Off.  Alarm Disarmed = All TVs On.) 

*Twin Peaks in Irving Texas


High-Rise Distributed AV 

Lobby Audio/ Video, common area Wi-Fi, courtesy conference rooms, workout TVs, outdoor audio and TVs can now all be controlled and monitored by your concierge or maintenance team.

*280 AV Packges Installed: Austin 360


Smarter Conference Rooms

Conference rooms used to be hard to operate. Now just plug into any free port and press the picture on the control surface where you see the photo of where you plugged in. Finally, that happened!

*This photo is of a video wall BIM cave used to Bid on full scale highway construction projects.

As convenient and feature-rich as our Whole House Audio and Home Theater Solutions can get, they simply cannot meet the needs of a commercial application. With a larger number of components and application-specific requirements, systems for businesses such as restaurant/bars, condos and hotels, conference rooms and more must be designed to work flawlessly. With years of experience and ingenious designers at the helm, Smarter Homes offers the best commercial AV system solutions in Austin.

What Commercial AV Systems Can You Offer?

Smarter Homes can custom design a commercial sound system or AV system for any business. However, looking at a few of our most popular and full-featured systems may give you an idea of the options available.

Restaurant/Bar: This showcases our ability to create a system that can easily control a high number of displays. Through our multi-zone system, you are able to control individual screens or groups of TVs using a Smartphone, Tablet or another smart device. This saves you money and presents an easy learning curve for your employees. We can include a host of convenient features, including incorporating the set up into your security system (TVs ON when alarm is disarmed, TVs OFF when it is turned on).

High Rise Distributed AV: Hotels and new condos have a dizzying array of AV requirements – common areas, the lobby AV, workout room TVs and audio, conference rooms, dedicated entertainment rooms and even outdoor AV. Attempting to install numerous systems can be costly and extremely difficult to control (a la the dreaded ’15 remote’ situation). Our tailor-made commercial audio systems combine our top-of-the-line, multi-access point WiFi systems with high-end components and centralized controls that can be manipulated and monitored in one place by your concierge, maintenance team and other staff.

Smart Conference Rooms: Anyone who has ever attempted a presentation in a conference room knows that it is par for course that the beginning of a meeting is also spent tediously setting up the AV system for that day’s particular needs (and wearily joking about it to break the tension). This no longer needs to be the case thanks to our smart conference rooms. How smart are they? Your presenter simply needs to plug into the nearby free port (of which there is every conceivable kind), press the corresponding port picture on the control surface, and begin his or her presentation featuring the highest quality video and sound!

Make Your Commercial AV System Better – and Smarter

Smarter Homes is proud to have designed and installed some of Austin’s most impressive and full-featured commercial AV systems. To find out how we can affordably revolutionize your business’s AV system, contact us today.