Commercial Audio Sound System

Austin's finest bars, restaurants, hotels, condo buildings, conference rooms and sports arenas all have one thing they need to never fail. There AV system is the life blood that flows through their business as there money is being made.


Sports Bars Simplified

We suggest running your next high number display bar off of our multi-zone AV system that allows for total control of every TVs channel in using an iPad or smart device. Also we can attach TVOn and TVOff commands to your security system status. (Alarm armed = All TVs Off.  Alarm Disarmed = All TVs On.) 

*Twin Peaks in Irving Texas


High-Rise Distributed AV 

Lobby Audio/ Video, common area Wi-Fi, courtesy conference rooms, workout TVs, outdoor audio and TVs can now all be controlled and monitored by your concierge or maintenance team.

*280 AV Packges Installed: Austin 360


Smarter Conference Rooms

Conference rooms used to be hard to operate. Now just plug into any free port and press the picture on the control surface where you see the photo of where you plugged in. Finally, that happened!

*This photo is of a video wall BIM cave used to Bid on full scale highway construction projects.