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Service is one of the attributes that we pride ourselves on.

Our customers are our friends and neighbors, and we want to make sure that everything operating at its best potential. We want to talk to you in person whether it is digitally or video chat, whatever it takes to get face-to-face with you to correct your issue.

The good news is that most problems can be walked through with you on the phone and even better, some problems can be fixed on our end if you are on our maintenance plan. Either Pete or one of our technicians, (with your permission) can connect to your system remotely from our help desk and fix the issue for you. We call that remote remediation. You may even choose to include monitoring of your system with one of our upper maintenance plan tiers, and in most cases, we have the issue repaired before you are even aware of it.

You’re our first priority.

We understand that home technology issues can happen and from time-to-time smart systems need a little help or upgrade. We treat your issue with the utmost respect, as if it were happening to us in our home. We understand the importance of good customer service and thats one of the reasons why we stand above the rest when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Upgrades are a cinch.

The smart home industry is still in its toddler stage and new smart processes, apps, and devices are being introduced all of the time. We’re not just an installation and service company. We’re an innovative company as well, always thinking of what our customers want and need. Being innovative means you have to listen to your customers. Customers lay the ground-work for invention. Our ideas come from learning about the new things that the smart home industry hasn’t thought of yet. For instance, if a customer says I want the floor to warm up as soon as my feet touch it, we find a way to make it happen. We’re here to introduce those upgrades to your smart home.

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Peter Sandford can usually walk you through your system on FaceTime at 512-785-0032  or you can Text message Peter at 512-785-0032 or email him directly at 

Not in a rush? Call our office to schedule an appointment at 512-775-6101 or Fill out the form below.

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After response to your service call or upgrade, please visit our ratings and review page to leave detailed information about your experience with Smarter Homes of Austin.

We value your feedback very much and it’s how we maintain our high rate of customer satisfaction. Be as detailed as you like and please let us know if something could have been better. We also want to hear about the things we did right so that we can continue to use those key factors with every customer in every job that we do. It’s always a pleasure to serve our customers and we want to ensure that we’re always giving them our best. We are here 24/7 and most responses are immediate whereas others are within 12 hours. Thanks for choosing us as Austin’s #1 smart home installer.