• Smart Dimmers Save Energy

  • They Increase Comfort and Focus

  • & Extend Bulb Life



  • Music makes you happier

  • Strengthens learning and memory

  • Lowers stress and improves health



  • Open and close you garage from anywhere

  • Provides complete security of the garage

  • Alerts you when your garage is left open



  • Make maintaining a yard easy and convenient

  • Save water and money

  • Protect the water supply for generations


Media Rooms

  • Increase the appeal and value of your home

  • Get the same movie experience without the hassle

  • Feel like you have front row tickets


Voice Control

  • Control your smart home

  • Make phone calls with ease

  • Entertain children for hours on end


Pool & Spa



  • Smart Thermostats save Energy

  • Give yourself remote access to system functions

  • Give yourself scheduled maintenance reminders



  • Energy monitors help you become more aware

  • Lets you now how much you spend on energy

  • Prompts you to make energy efficient changes



  • Always be in control of who comes and goes

  • Smart phone alerts and control from anywhere

  • See and speak with guests as they arrive



  • 24/7 Protection

  • Receive Help Quickly

  • Your home and family are absolutely safe



  • Video surveillance enhances your home security

  • Allows you to monitor your home anywhere

  • Video is the best evidence for court cases


Video Doorbell

  • You do not have to get near the door to answer it.

  • It has an Infrared night vision camera

  • Record and download suspicious activity



  • Improve water quality

  • Control water temperature from anywhere

  • Automate cleaning modes and times

  • Minimize the amount of energy used in the home

  • Adds R value to your homes energy rating

  • Automate with the changing seasons



Smart Locks

  • Convenience

  • Security

  • Connectivity



Our Control App & Handheld remotes
help control and manage everything
from one easy to use interface! 


Smart home automation

Automate your home and add convenience, functionality, and security to your lifestyle with the power of technology.

Home automation systems integrate seamlessly into your day-to-day life, so you have more time to do what you love. Personalized for each and every client, our smart home solutions coordinate almost all of your devices to maximize your comfort and enhance the performance of your electronics.