smart home thermostats are a great way to remove human error, add convenience and comfort while you save money on energy costs. Smarter Homes of Austin is your one-stop shop for all your Home Automation needs including Smart Thermostat solutions.

Smart thermostat installation for smart home Automation


Home Automation With Smart Thermostats Remove Human Error, Increase Comfort And Accessibility, While You Save Money On Energy Costs. Temperature Automation Allows For Control Remotely, Automatically, Or With Your Voice Assistant. When Paired With An Energy Monitoring System, You’ll Receive Detailed, Real Time Reports On Energy Usage.


ecobee thermostats make home automation in austin smarter.

Ecobee systems can be installed with extra temperature and occupancy sensors to give the homes comfort system extra data to make your home cooler in areas further away from the onboard thermostat sensor.

home automation saves austin energy

Smart Home Thermostats provide energy-saving temperature control for your home. This EcoBee4 thermostat has an easy-to-read, 3.5" LCD color touchscreen with a 320 x 480 resolution. Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit are all supported. Audio is possible thanks to built-in microphones and a speaker.

Traditional Thermostats are becoming rare

In the past thermostats have fallen into two categories: non-programmable and programmable. Non-Programmable thermostats are the most affordable, but very antiquated. They require a manual temperature setting and manual setting heat or cooling to cycle your homes HVAC units, and can be rather imprecise. Programmable thermostats offer a digital interface with time period programming, which will automatically adjust the heat and/or cool temperature based on time, and often they allow for multiple set points points per day. However, neither of these older-style thermostats come close to the technology available with today's smart home Wi-Fi thermostats.

Smart Wi-Fi Thermostats are Becoming standard in Austin Homes.

Smart Wi-Fi thermostats are the next evolution of heating and cooling control in your home. They build upon the basic temperature setting, scheduling and digital interface options of non-programmable and programmable thermostats with a variety of added smart home features. Some of these smart features include improved energy efficiency and feedback, remote programming, geofencing, learning and alerts. Once these smart Wi-Fi thermostats are installed and synced up with a Wi-Fi network, you will have remote access from a smart device via an app, all from the comfort and convenience of a smartphone or tablet virtually anywhere you access to the web. The future of smart home comfort and control is now - no matter where you are, a smart home Wi-Fi thermostat for home automation keeps you connected to your home with control at your fingertips.

Algorithms that Learn about comfort

Wake up and get ready in a bathroom that’s not freezing cold after you get out of the shower. Set schedules to warm up your master suite so you can walk into a toasty bathroom allowing you to prepare for your work day comfortably. The Nest thermostat algorithms pick up on your preferences of temperature throughout the day. Occupancy sensors tell the WiFi thermostat you are leaving to work, so it might not keep the A/C or Heating system as high in order to save energy.

Reports that show Past energy use

Most Wi-Fi Thermostats learn about your preferences. Access energy use reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, basis and uses real-time data if needed. You can program the system to use scheduling based on how much energy you’d like to save.

Advanced user Sensing

Some Wi-Fi thermostats have sensors detecting a radius you’re within to determine if you’re on your way home from work, early or late. Set to 3 miles or 30 and walk into the comfortable temperature of your home.

Smart Home temperature and humidity

Wi-Fi thermostats can detect levels of humidity in your home. If a storm is pushing moisture toward your home. The humidity level rises, and the room temperature drops to what the algorithms deem as your preference. Automatically, your smart home thermostat will think about what is the right temperature for you.

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