Bring every smart feature together into one easy-to-use App, including whole home audio, distributed video, lighting control, temperature, video doorbell, security, cameras, irrigation, window coverings, pool and spa, energy monitoring, doors, gates, and locks.

Our Smart Home Automation iPad App

simplified Control

Austin Home Automation on IPad

From the global view of our iPad App home page, a home owner can decide what features they want to control manually as well as get feedback from key features of the home like current home energy use.


Door Locks & Front door camera

Austin Home Automation Front Doorbell Cam

Press the "Lock" Icon and the front door and status of the locks and garage doors are displayed.

*At 10pm, all doors will lock and garage door will close if they have not been locked or closed by the home owner yet.


Garage door Control

Home Automation of Garage doors

By having a feedback  status of doors, garage doors and other devices you can quickly make adjustments when you are not at home.

Hot water & Water Circulation Control

Austin Home Automation Energy monitoring

Press the "energy" icon for energy feedback and control of high wattage items.

Not doing laundry or planning any shower times for a while, then manually turn of your hot water and circulation pump to save energy.

We schedule our hot water actions based on the times we use hot water the most day to day.

Check the Weather 

Austin Home Automation & Weather

Press the "Weather" Icon to get your weather forecast and current temperature feedback so you can get ready for your day.

family room control

Austin Audio Video Automation

Press the Family room "Couch" icon and choose from your favorite shortcuts and apps.


Patio TV control

Austin Outdoor Patio Automation

Press the Patio "furniture" icon and choose from your favorite shortcuts and apps to view out on the patio.


Whole House Music Control

Austin Audio Automation

Press the house "Music" icon and choose your favorite playlists and what rooms you want it to play in.


HVAC Control 

austin temperature automation

Choose the "Climate Control" icon and set thermostat levels to each zone or automate these features with occupancy sensors.


Real time energy Metering

austin advanced home automation

Press the "Energy" icon to see how much energy you have used this billing cycle and how much enegy is being used right now in real time.


Lighting control

Austin Lighting Control and automation

Press the "Lighting" icon and get a real time view of what lights are currently on.

Automation can Save Energy

Austin Energy Management and Automation

Thanks to home automation and energy feedback we were able to adjust our lifestyle to lower our energy bills.


Our Home Automation System
works with Amazon Alexa!

Alexa! Tell home butler Good Night!

*We use this command when its time for the kids to go to bed at 8pm. It turns off all TV's, lights and music in all areas besides the master bedroom.

Alexa! turn on Netflix in the Family room...

*We use this command when we come home from baseball and we want to put something quick on the TV for the kids while we make dinner.

Alexa! Play 80’s Music in the Kitchen...

*We use this command when we want some background music in the kitchen and dining room but we dont feel like reaching for a smart phone or iPad

Alexa! Tell home butler Its Party Time!

*We use this command when its Date Night and its time to let loose without the kids around.

Questions? Call Pete & Schedule a Smart Home demo! 512-785-0032