Smart Home Extras are like the side of vegetables that are installed and integrated to make your smart home automation meal even more delicious. Without dialing in the details of your home system needs, you end up with a system that is less functional in the long run.

TV App Shortcuts For Smart Home Installation in Austin TX

TV & Music app shortcuts allow a home owner to press a single button instead of navigating a menu of options.


TV App Shortcuts For Smart Home Installation in Austin TX

TV & Music app shortcuts allow a home owner to press a single button instead of navigating a menu of options.

Smart Home Automation Shortcuts make watching TV and Listening to music easier.

What apps does your family stream?

Smart Home Shortcuts

Smart Home shortcuts for music and TV watching are the perfect extra touches to any Smart Home Automation System.

Whether you’re sitting down to a movie in your Theater Room or Entertaining with fiends and what to listen to music All Throughout Your Home, It’s the perfect way to jump into action without having to wait for a TV or amplifier to power on just so you can work a menu of options.

Just press the button and walk away while your Control System does the work for you to set the scene and get everything ready for home entertainment.


Finally a Home Automation System that “Just Works”.

Have you ever wondered what it's like to live in a Smart Home? Come experience the difference convenient technology can make with a tour of our Lakeway showroom. Book Your Appointment Today!

Total home control is simple with our RTI App. Easily navigate every piece of Smarter Homes integrated technology from locks to Lights.

Smarter Homes is a forward thinking smart home integration company Simplifying the way you live your life in Austin Texas.

Home Automation Voice Control Installation in Austin TX

Home Automation Voice Control Installation in Austin TX

What is a virtual voice assistant?

Home Assistants like Google Home and Alexa give you control options with Your Voice to operate your smart home system.

Virtual assistants can do more than just control your smart home.

  • Provide information such as weather, facts from Wikipedia or IMDB, set an alarm, make to-do lists and shopping lists.

  • Play music from streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora; play radio stations; read audiobooks

  • Play videos, TV shows or movies on televisions, streaming from Netflix

Virtual assistant devices and technology. 

Virtual assistants are typically cloud-based programs that require internet-connected devices and/or applications to work.


Invisible Speakers will change the way you look at sound

Invisible Speakers will change the way you look at sound

We will install Invisible Speakers with amazing Sound Quality

“We Love watching Our clients & guests walk around Their New home trying to pin point where the music
is coming from exactly.”

higher quality sound from your music and TV without big and bulky speakers

These in-wall speakers provide you with professional quality sound, but are placed virtually unnoticeably in the walls of your room. These speakers provide clear, high def sound and will open up space on your walls to improve the look of your room. When design is the focus, this is the best way to incorporate High Quality Audio into your space.

Austin Home Audio Speaker Installation

Questions? Reach out anytime and we would be happy to assist you.

Deciding on speaker style types

It’s a common concern – you’re interested in upgrading to a quality Whole House Audio System or a top-of-the-line Home Theater/Media Room, but aren’t sold on the addition of multiple bulky speakers, which will take up precious wall or floor space. You’d prefer to have the flow of your beautifully stuccoed ceilings interrupted by ceiling speaker grilles – and as an audiophile, you still require speakers that provide full frequency sound. There is a solution for all this – the installation of ‘invisible speakers.’ No, these aren’t simply disguised as decorations – they are truly invisible, built into your very walls!

How Do Invisible speakers work?

To install invisible speakers, you will not need a massive construction job to fit a conventional speaker enclosure into your wall. At Smarter Homes, we use special purpose-built speakers that use revolutionary technology to allow the generation of Full Frequency Sound using low profile speakers on a flat panel. This flat panel replaces a small section of drywall, plasterboard or other building material. They are mounted on the outer wall material itself and do not require mounting on stud work or additional special framing.

How do invisible speakers sound?

Under the assumption that these speakers are traditional speakers mounted behind a wall, many assume the sound must be muffled and sub-par. This is simply not the case, however. They are designed to work with their specially-made covering material and create what is often Superior Sound, which avoids hot spots and creates widely dispersed, full-frequency sound throughout the room.

We are Austin’s Invisible Speaker installation Experts

To cap off your custom-designed audio and/or entertainment systems (and astound your friends every time you switch on the music) Contact Us today. We will be happy to advise you on how and where invisible speakers will best complement your home entertainment.


Central Vac Hide-a-Hose in Austin Texas

Central Vac Hide-a-Hose in Austin Texas

Hide a Hose Central Vacuum by Clean Home Solutions

Introducing Hide-A-Hose

We are excited to offer the revolutionary Hide-A-Hose Retractable Central Vacuum Hose System.

  • Never again have to manually coil and put away an electrical cord or vacuum hose when using this common-sense solution.

  • Can be installed in most homes at any time, and can be retrofitted into homes that already have a central vac by installing a new wall plate and piping.

  • Hide-A-Hose is available in 30, 40, 50, and 60 foot lengths. A 50 foot hose covers nearly 2,300 sq. ft. That's a convenience on a wide scale.

Easy does it

The central vacuum is an essential part of todays modern homes. One of the major pros is that it takes dust, dirt, and particles completely out of each room. Conventional vacuum cleaners have be noted for blowing dust back into the room and messy bag changes. Other vacuums are a beast to move around because of their size or they have pull along collection canisters. Don’t worry about running out of bags because the Hide-A-Hose Central Vacuum System has a collection bin that collects everything and it’s also machine washable.

Watch this video to learn more or give us a call today!

Let’s talk attachments. You will find attachments for cleaning just about everything, from drapery to cobwebs and dust-bunnies. There are several floor cleaning attachments such as the dust-mop vac for hard floor surfaces, brush heads for upholstery, power brush heads, regular vacuum heads, suction wands for cracks and crevices. You’ll find housekeeping a breeze and carpets, rugs, furniture, and floors will have never looked their best.


Central vacuum hoses are easy to connect

You have a choice of powered and unpowered vacuum heads.

Connection to the central vac is really easy. Most multi story homes normally have a central vac port for every floor. The port has a lid cover that hides the port when not in use. To attach, simply lift the lid and snap the hose into place. If you’re using the power head some ports come with the outlet for the electrical, and some ports have electrical outlets next to them.

Installing a central vacuum system helps keep a luxurious home pristine. It’s easy to see why they are becoming more and more popular each year. Your housekeeper will notice how easy the central vac is to use and will make cleaning for them less of a chore.