The Advantages of Smart Irrigation Systems

Smart Home irrigation systems deliver exactly the amount of water that is needed. This helps keep plants and lawns healthy and beautiful.

Here Are The Top 6 Benefits of Adding Smart Irrigation To Your Smart Home System

1. Save Water And Money

Smart Home irrigation systems deliver exactly the amount of water that is needed. This helps keep plants and lawns healthy and beautiful.

You can save water not only through integrating smart home irrigation systems but you can also add to the savings yourself with a few simple routine actions:

  • Break up your lawn and plant areas in your smart irrigation system programming into “zones” that have different watering needs in the fluctuating Texas weather.

  • Periodically make certain the water heads are always aimed at the plants and lawn and never moved to point at your driveway, house, or patio. You can test this using your app to trigger zones manually, making certain everything is aligned correctly.

  • Water at the time of night of key absorption without the Texas sun evaporating the water away fast. Just after sundown is not good enough. Give the ground a couple of hours to drop in temperature.

2. Long Term Enhanced Landscape Health

Smart irrigation controllers can be adjusted to water yards and plants the exact amount of water needed so they can thrive. Some smart controller options adjust for the soil type as well which cycles and soaks your irrigation in the perfect increments of time, so water is absorbed and doesn’t run off.

They also adjust for rain and forecasts of rain which prevents overwatering that can harm your lawn and plants.

3. Protect The Community’s Water Supply For Generations

By saving water, you are helping to maintain the water supply for your community because you will be continuously saving and protecting water.

In addition, you will be supporting green businesses that deliver meaningful environmental protection. You will also be a positive example to the rest of your community and possibly inspire others to make the commitment to saving water as well. 

4. Prepare For The Future Of Water Pricing

Facts About Water Use:

  • One-third of the U.S. now pays more for water than electricity. Water rates are continuing to rise and water is generally a top operation cost.

  • The cost of water is rising faster than all other utility costs. Those rates will continue to rise to pay for infrastructure improvements.

  • A smart irrigation controller can help you get ahead of the water cost curve and help the planet by conserving your water resources.

5. Make Maintaining Your Yard Easy And Convenient

Of course you are wondering, is it more work to operate a smart irrigation system? The answer is no.

In the past few years, smart irrigation technology has evolved to the point where we now have access to automatic sprinkler systems data that will help the system deliver the right amount of water and only distribute water when water is needed. This data is very accurate and extremely effective.

Think of your yard as the dust-cover of a book. Believe it or not, it says everything about you as a home owner. You want to make the best impression in your neighborhood starting with your lawn. First impressions, right? Adding or updating an irrigation my seem like a daunting task but it really is worth the effort and money spent. In the long run, doing so is going to save you money.

To begin with, let’s talk about auto scheduling. Your time is very valuable and taking care of a lawn can take up a lot of time if you’re doing it yourself. If you use a gardener or service, the installation of an irrigation system makes cutting and trimming much easier, because your regular watering promotes a healthier blade of grass that mows better and still looks great.

6. Smart Home Integration And Connectivity Features

  • Power Up with a Standard Outlet/Receptacle

  • App based Initial Setup and Programming

  • Sensing Capabilities

  • Cloud Based

  • More Affordable Smarter Hardware

  • Location Based Mapping

  • Reliable and Accurate Measuring Methods

  • SSL Secure Connectivity Options

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